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2012 Old Sacramento Performer Missives Page

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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2012
~ Red Barn Players Missive #2 ~ March 27

Calling All Historic Old Sacramento Red Barn Players!

In this missive:

Great News - The new season: the facts
Missive List - and signing up
Contacts - Directors and how to find them

Great news! We have been asked to bring history to "lively life" for a third season.

Here are the facts:

  • The Board of Directors of the Historic Old Sacramento Foundation (HOSF) voted last week to approve a 3rd season of "Time Travel Weekends" in old Sacramento.
  • The performance dates are:
    Saturdays and Sundays July 7 to August 26th (8 weekends).
  • Rehearsals and workshops will be held the weekend prior:
    Saturday and Sunday, June 30 & July 1.
  • Hours will be the same as the last two years: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Venues: The HOSF Board has less money so they are giving us fewer venues to fill. We will therefore ONLY be doing the "Streets", the Victorian Academy, and the Eagle Theatre.
  • Overview: We plan to present the same high energy, engaging, and authentically driven show as last year, with (mostly) the same size cast.
  • Cast "Fare": Lunch will once again be managed by "Cookie" ~ and she will be looking for helpers!
  • Show Proposals: If you, or a group you are part of, wish to propose a show for the Golden Melodeon & Eagle Schedule, in period appropriate music, dance or comedic skit, please also email a short description (with photos if possible) to [email protected]
  • Spread the word! Invite your theatrically inclined friends (and those who want to learn!) to come play with us for a weekend or all summer! You know the drill... refer them to "Previous Missives - and signing up for the missive" below, and tell them to attend workshop weekend for orientation. We will be sending out an invitation to all the performing arts departments at area colleges and private academies as well! This program - as you know - is a GREAT opportunity for honing ones improvisational skills... while having fun!
  • Many more details to follow in upcoming missives.

Previous Missives - and signing up for the missive

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. Here's how to find them:
You can also subscribe to the missive list at this link.  Send anyone here who asks about the missive.

Contacts - The RBP directors and how to find them:

  • Gary Grossman <[email protected]> -- Eagle Stage direction, development & management

  • Kimbell Jackson  <[email protected]> -- Commissary cajoler & Greenroom coordinator

  • Liz Martin  <[email protected]> -- Costume coordinator & designer

  • Wells Twombly <[email protected]> -- Victorian Academy, Historical Reenactments, Parades & Peculiarities

  • Jeffrey Weissman  <[email protected]> -- Budget coordination & bookings, Characterization, & Comedy

  • Robert Young  <[email protected]> -- Red Barn Entertainment Department & Street Theater Director


Historically Yours,

Kevin, and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento
[email protected]

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