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2012 Old Sacramento Performer Missives Page

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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2012
~ Red Barn Players Missive #4 ~ June 25

Time Travel Weekends begin July 7!

In this missive:

Workshops & Rehearsals - this coming weekend
Daily Parade Schedule
Victorian Academy - acts, scenes and presentations welcome
Character "Street Bits"
Melodrama & Chautauqua - The Eagle
Hero Needed - join the melodrama
Meet your new Stage Managers
Costumes - notes for this season
Sac Dry Goods - Going-Out-of-Business Sale
Lunchin' with Cookie
Venues - this year's arena
Bring Your Friends - to join in the fun
Gold Rush Days - changes this season
September Wing-Ding - Union Pacific 150th
Missive List - and signing up
Contacts - Directors and how to find them

Join us for Rehearsals and Opening Weekend! Lots of fun NEW stuff! Let's kick if off with a bang! Here are IMPORTANT details:


June 30 & July 1, from 10:00 to 5:00, you may want to participate in various workshops and rehearsals. We'll cover History, Character and Meet & Greet techniques. If you're in a show, you have a character to introduce or you're brand new to the cast, you need to be there. Your help at the Academy, Greenroom and Eagle Stage (if you are a stage tech type) is appreciated. Please check in with a director when you arrive.

New daily Parade Schedule:

11:15 Political parade (Road Raising or Abolition)
12:00* Melodrama Parade (Front street from Waterfront Park to the Eagle)
2:00* Melodeon Parade (Front street from Waterfront Park to the Eagle)
3:00* Melodrama Parade (Front street from Waterfront Park to the Eagle)
4:30 Squatters' Riot

To join the Morning parade or the Riot, see Wells Twombly at the Victorian Academy or contact him at the e-mail below.

To join the *Eagle Parades, see Garry Grossman at the Eagle or contact him at the e-mail below.

Victorian Academy news:

This year the VA will be even bigger and better than last. Last year the VA was home to toys, games, kids crafts, and guest performers throughout the day. Visitors stopped by to play checkers or watch their toddlers toss bean bags while older kids made Corn Dolls and Button Whizzers. We need folks who want to spend a part of their day in the shade of the VA, starting games or leading craft activities. The crafts station gives you a chance to make a child's day, to put a smile on someone's face that spreads through the whole family. And, the VA will be a much busier place this year.

This year we plan to add more music, more demonstrations and short lectures. The Cabinet of Curiosities will be run daily, and we want short presentations of all sorts. They should run 10 -15 minutes for lectures (plus Q&A time as needed) and up to 30 minutes for audience participation and hands-on demonstrations. Topics can range freely from 1849 to 1869's Politics, Manners, Beauty Tips, Language of Flowers, Science, Sanitary Commission, Fashion, Inventions and Technology, New Age Spiritualism (Yes, they did it too); in general just about anything that you think you can make interesting to our passing visitors.

Audience participation could include giving Elocution lessons, hands on lessons on the Treadle Sewing machine, leading Sing-a-Longs (The School House Museum is lending us a working 1880s Melodeon /pump organ), teaching a ten minute class in melodrama then performing it with the visitors in the leading roles.

We want the VA to be a place where people can share their historical interests with the many people who visit Old Sacramento. Have you made a small study of Victorian snuff boxes? Want to get a little more stage time in? The VA would welcome short scenes from Shakespeare and period poetry. Bring your passion for performing to the VA this summer.

To get on the schedule Contact:
Wells & Kathleen Twombly: [email protected]

Comedic and other character "street bits":

Comfort zone? Ha! The fun of this kind of theater is all about pushing yourself. All of the Red Barn directors are excellent theater coaches. Use them! We'll have a list of suggested bits at workshops, or INVENT your own! Please be sure to coordinate with Robert, Jeffrey, Wells, or Gary before you sally forth (lower case) with a new bit! First and foremost, LIVE IT UP in the streets of Old Sacramento. As of July 7, it is officially our playground!

New Melodrama OR Chautauqua:

"The Villain's Revenge!: A Tale of Gold and Greed" alternating at 12:00 & 3:30, with a brand new show,"Uncle Sam's Chautauqua!" (some days Melodrama, other days Chautauqua depending on performer availability). Uncle Sam's Chautauqua includes variety acts, such as Siamsa, Can Can, Kondor Brothers, Ballet Russe, Lotta, Lydia, and other acts that are playing that day. They will be scheduled and announced in the weekly missives and at Saturday morning briefings. Acts that do not appear in the Chautauqua will appear in performances at the "Victorian Academy".

We want to recreate the feeling that the Eagle Theatre is the height of all theatrical culture and entertainment for the city. Gary Grossman is the overall director of the Eagle's presentations and he wants to show the "best of the best" acts from the day, so he's asking for a high degree of professionalism in regards to the quality of the acts as well as our interaction and deportment off-stage. The Eagle will be treated as a theatre rather than an extension of the saloon up front.

We will be showcasing a limited number of acts and performances for the venue. The day will begin at high noon with a parade to the theater and a half hour performance of "The Villain's Revenge!", or one of our specialty acts mentioned above, coordinated by Jeffrey Weissman and Gary Grossman. Then at 2:00 we will present "Mark Twains melodeon extravaganza", hosted by Uncle Sam and special guest appearance by Mr. Twain himself. The show will have great acts of the day such as Lotta Crabtree, Lydia Thompson and the British blondes, Mr. Finney the 49er, et al. 3:30 will see a reprise of the noon show.

If you would like to submit an act for these shows, please communicate with Jeffrey Weissman (e-mail below); he is in charge of casting.

This promises to be a fun-filled summer and the Eagle will be a shining example of the quality and variety of entertainment that flowed through Sacramento on the way to the hungry patrons up in the gold fields. Create the magic - join the show.

Hero needed!

Swashbuckling, sword play, snake slaying, and sweet-hearting await! Crummles Melodrama (Americanized for Old Sacramento) needs a HERO -

- for July 21st and 22nd
with a required rehearsal on June 30th and July 1st in Sacramento.

Great part, fun cast, and lots of 'you time' on stage. Need someone who can portray honor, youthful vigor, righteous wrath and all the manly virtues.

Contact the Director, Julie St. Germaine:
510-847-7223 or by e-mail: [email protected]

Meet your new Stage Managers:

We have Gary Grossman on Saturdays and Peggy Burgi on Sundays, stage managing the Eagle. They will keep the show running with calls for places, house opening, show beginning cues, etc. Be sure to give them priority and respect at all times. They have several shows to run, besides their own acts.


Welcome back! Just a quick note on costumes.

I am really looking forward to this summer and the opportunity to spend time with all of you in Sacramento. As in the previous 2 summers, our costume timeline is 1849 - 1863. Even though our history re-enactment may stretch further, we would like to keep the costumes in this time range.

** We will not have access to Old Sac Living History's costume closet this summer. We realize that this will limit the drop-in of friends who would like to participate for a day. We will have some of the Dickens stock on hand, but not as much as last season.

For those who were with us last year, you should already have your own costume. It's time to dig it out and make sure it fits. You never know how much they might have shrunk in storage. And ladies: start wearing your corsets - please!

If you wore items from either the OSLH costume closet or from the Dickens stock, please contact me at [email protected]

For the new people, I will have guidelines and suggestions of where to buy clothing for you within the the next week - be sure to see me at workshops. Please have thought about your character and what you are doing in the Gold Rush before we talk about your costume.

We do have a sadness: Sac City Dry Goods has closed its doors. They will be missed: not only were they a fabulous place to shop for clothing but JoAnn & Dale were big supporters of our program.

Again, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Sacramento City. Let's go see the elephant!

Sacramento City Dry Goods - Out of Business SALE!

Up to 80% OFF
When: Saturday, July 7, 2012 -- 12pm-4pm
Where: 114 J St, Sacramento CA, 95814

As you may know, Sacramento City Dry Goods is out of business, but we still have some inventory left! We desperately need to get rid of as much as we can and you desperately need to replenish your summer wardrobe!

Everything we have left will be on display and EVERYTHING will be up to 80% off.
This magnificent event will last for one day only, so be sure not to miss it!

Items for sale will include:

  • E.P. Figg brand ladies' side-lace shoes
    - in sizes 8.5, 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 11. $45 per pair
  • Men's Wahmaker vests
    - in size L. $30 per vest
  • Men's pants
    - in size 30 and smaller, as well as 46 and up
    - the smaller sizes are mainly fall-front pants. $29.99 per pair
  • Busks
    - 1 for $8 or bundle of 5 for $35
  • Bones
    - $5 per bundle of 25. Mix and match lengths!
  • Clip-on curls in grey colors
    - $8 each
  • Manufactured corsets
    - both underbust and overbust. $40-$50

Lunchin' with Cookie:

Kimbell has some tasty treats and Greenroom surprises in store for us! We can hardly wait. Please note that Kimbell is still recovering from the insidious effects of last year's adventure in Chemotherapy so plan to lend a hand. She is not her herculean self just yet! Even the little things are a big help. Thanks!


We will be focusing on the Eagle, the Depot area (Victorian Academy) and the STREETS (including Pioneer park anytime and Waterfront park very little). We will NOT be using the Passenger Station at all this year or setting up the little buildings (budget cuts). This will allow us to focus on the areas that have historically worked best! Just FYI.

Bring your friends:

Time Travel Weekends, as you likely know, is an excellent opportunity to hone your improv skills, and have some authentic summer fun. Please feel free to invite friends to join the Red Barn players for a single day or many. However, please be sure any newbies have FULL costumes or have them contact Liz asap (e-mail below).

Gold Rush Days:

As communicated in the last Missive, Red Barn will not be directly involved in this Labor Day weekend tradition this year. Budget limitations and City/State relations have handed the design and organization of the event back to the Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Museums and State Parks will still be producing Tent City in the 1849 Scene, so please contact Janessa at HOSF [email protected] for details and plan to show up in costume for some "dirt in the streets" fun.

September Wing-Ding: Union Pacific 150th

Please be sure you mark your calendars for the 150th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Union Pacific Railroad. Presidents Lincoln, and Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, the Big Four, plus many other culpable figures will be joined by characters and entertainments from throughout the proud history of the railroad in America. Look for more details in future missives. All aboard!!

See you VERY soon!!!

Previous Missives - and signing up for the missive

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. Here's how to find them:
You can also subscribe to the missive list at this link.  Send anyone here who asks about the missive.

Contacts - The RBP directors and how to find them:

  • Gary Grossman <[email protected]> -- Eagle Stage direction, development & management

  • Kimbell Jackson  <[email protected]> -- Commissary cajoler & Greenroom coordinator

  • Liz Martin  <[email protected]> -- Costume coordinator & designer

  • Wells Twombly <[email protected]> -- Victorian Academy, Historical Reenactments, Parades & Peculiarities

  • Jeffrey Weissman  <[email protected]> -- Budget coordination & bookings, Characterization, & Comedy

  • Robert Young  <[email protected]> -- Red Barn Entertainment Department & Street Theater Director


Historically Yours,

Kevin, and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento
[email protected]

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