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2012 Old Sacramento Performer Missives Page

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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2012
~ Red Barn Players Missive #5 ~ July 6

Opening Day THIS Saturday! Help us kick it off...

In this missive:

Some Important Notes - Opening Day: Be Informed
Lunchin' with Cookie - Notes from the Greenroom
A Bit of Business - Notes from Jeffrey
Sacramento Dry Goods - Remember: Going-Out-of-Business Sale
Missive List - and signing up
Contacts - Directors and how to find them

Here we go!

Off into the wild blue yonder with the 3rd annual Time Travel Weekends! New shows, new faces, and all sorts of new fun to be had. We hope you will be joining us for our opening weekend as we roll into summer. Help us welcome our new cast members, and cause a ruckus in the streets and a sensation on the stage! Please check the parade schedule below, and plan to come early for notes at 10:45 Saturday as we put the final details in place and head out into the streets of Sacramento City.

Some Important NOTES:

Parking: Be sure to follow the parking procedure to the letter... posted on the greenroom bulletin board: Your Pass must be dated with that day's date (crossed out dates invalidate, and you will be ticketed), so get a fresh pass for each day. You may "stop" in the alley to run in and get your pass, but do not park on the grass unless you are unloading.

Support the shows! Help us get audience to fill each and every show in the Eagle, and if you are not in the show, you can play in the audience as a "townie." Help educate the visitors in sing-alongs and proper "huranging" of the 'stage folk'.

Shows - Eagle Theatre

12:00 Uncle Sam's Chautauqua
2:00 Melodeon
3:30 Uncle Sam's Chautauqua

Help us keep the greenroom neat and tidy. As always, bus your dishes, and keep your gear stowed properly. If you need a shelf in the new cabinets, please use an empty one, but mark the edge of the shelf with blue tape with your name. This way we can work together to be sure everyone has enough space. Thanks!

Sign in. Every day! Sign-in sheet at the desk. If your name is not on it AND you completed a form last weekend DO NOT despair! Janessa was on vacation last week so NO new people have been added to the sign-in sheet. Just write your name in and next week you will be able to find your name in the alphabetical list. If your name is not on the list and you DID NOT fill out a volunteer form for HOSF, please do so. They are on the desk. Thanks!

Opening weekend can be hectic. Please take it all in stride. We are not worried about perfection, and neither should you. Have fun! Be jovial. Remember, this is theater NOT "drama."

11:15 Road Raising or Abolition (depending on theme and actor availability)
11:45 Pre-Uncle Sam's Chautauqua Parade
12:30 Suffragists
1:45 Pre-Melodeon Parade
3:15 Pre-Uncle Sam's Chautauqua Parade
4:15 Squatter's Riot

Victorian Academy
11:30 Southern Comfort
12:30 Mark Twain - speaks on the Sandwich islands
1:00 Dogtown Serenaders
1:30 Emperor Norton speaks
3:00 Julianna Migilicutty - speaks on Melodrama
4:30 Dogtown Serenaders & Southern Comfort

Lunchin' with Cookie:

Thank you for your grace under fire in support for the dress weekend... there were a few snags, but we were able to carry on smoothly. There is a lovely menu planned for opening. Please note, I will not be providing sweet treats, so if you'd like to donate some, I will find a suitable serving dish for them. Look for co-ordinating & duties lists posted in the green room for those looking for direction in supporting me. There will be fun incentives offered for helpers. And as it will be a few more weeks to work out the kinks and get settled into a smooth running operation, here is a wish list to help facilitate:

We need some benches, rugs, cushions/foam, plants in pots (all sizes), a large drink dispenser, a BBQ, long pieces of plywood, glass jars (all sizes). And lastly, we gratefully accept baked goods contributions!

A Bit of Business from Jeffrey

If you expect a room, pay or stipend, and you have not spoken up to settle your agreement for your participation in the show with me, do not expect to receive anything. Do not assume you are receiving what you got last year. Please contact me via email: [email protected] or cell: (323) 397-0533

I will send out hotel room confirmations on Thursday. If you are not on the list, and you are expecting one, then I did not get word that you need one. Again, contact me.

We still need props: period ephemera, coin & paper money, gold nuggets and dust (I have a few bags for it), wallets and kerchiefs for pickpocketing.

Sacramento City Dry Goods - Out of Business SALE!

Up to 80% OFF
When: Saturday, July 7, 2012 -- 12pm-4pm
Where: 114 J St, Sacramento CA, 95814

As you may know, Sacramento City Dry Goods is out of business, but we still have some inventory left! We desperately need to get rid of as much as we can and you desperately need to replenish your summer wardrobe!

Everything we have left will be on display and EVERYTHING will be up to 80% off.
This magnificent event will last for one day only, so be sure not to miss it!

Items for sale will include:

  • E.P. Figg brand ladies' side-lace shoes
    - in sizes 8.5, 9.5, 10, 10.5 and 11. $45 per pair
  • Men's Wahmaker vests
    - in size L. $30 per vest
  • Men's pants
    - in size 30 and smaller, as well as 46 and up
    - the smaller sizes are mainly fall-front pants. $29.99 per pair
  • Busks
    - 1 for $8 or bundle of 5 for $35
  • Bones
    - $5 per bundle of 25. Mix and match lengths!
  • Clip-on curls in grey colors
    - $8 each
  • Manufactured corsets
    - both underbust and overbust. $40-$50

Previous Missives - and signing up for the missive

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. Here's how to find them:
You can also subscribe to the missive list at this link.  Send anyone here who asks about the missive.

Contacts - The RBP directors and how to find them:

  • Gary Grossman <[email protected]> -- Eagle Stage direction, development & management

  • Kimbell Jackson  <[email protected]> -- Commissary cajoler & Greenroom coordinator

  • Liz Martin  <[email protected]> -- Costume coordinator & designer

  • Wells Twombly <[email protected]> -- Victorian Academy, Historical Reenactments, Parades & Peculiarities

  • Jeffrey Weissman  <[email protected]> -- Budget coordination & bookings, Characterization, & Comedy

  • Robert Young  <[email protected]> -- Red Barn Entertainment Department & Street Theater Director


Historically Yours,

Kevin, and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento
[email protected]

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