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2012 Old Sacramento Performer Missives Page

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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2012
~ Red Barn Players Missive #7 ~ August 17

How Quickly Time Passes!

In this missive:

This Weekend's Theme - Civil War
Finale' Is Near -  Thank You Red Barn Players
Costumes - Notes from Liz
Load-Out - Notes on packing up
Updates - Gold Rush Days & Union Pacific 150th Birthday
Gold Rush Days - Notes for the Burning Brothel & Parades
More Fabulous Fotos - by Howard Gold
Missive List - and signing up
Contacts - Directors and how to find them

This Weekend's Theme: The Civil War and its influence in Sacramento City

Heading toward the Finale'...
of our 2012 (THIRD!) Season of Time Travel Weekends:

As chief cook and bottle washer (Producer) of Red Barn Productions, I would like to say THANK YOU to all this year's Red Barn Players!  This summers program has been a total success, ...100% because of YOU.   Special acknowledgements to your directors, Jeffrey, Robert, Wells, Kimbell, Kathleen & Gary for their canny and inspired leadership.  And our Eagle Chairman this year, Will Wood as Uncle Sam! Julie and her cast for a great Melodrama, Paula (et al) for inspired Parades, Tom for leading the effort to always fill the Eagle (at gun point if necessary), and so many others for outstanding performances and hard work in the Sacramento heat.  From the Parades, to the Eagle Stage shows, to the Victorian Academy (and performance area), the success of Time Travel Weekends is an unqualified success!  OUR program has gelled and really hit its stride! The houses are filled with happy visitors (from over 40 countries!), and the shows are funny, engaging, entertaining, and yes, educational!  MANY thanks for all your efforts!

We will have a cast party and certificate ceremony on the final day again.   We hope you can join us  at 5:30 on the grassy slope behind the Eagle on Sunday August 26th - our finale' day for the 2012 Season.

Special note:  All those who have performed for 2 weekends (or 4 days) or more, will receive a hand made memento of the 2012 Season from the Red Barn Directors to be handed out at the cast party.  Only been part of the fun for 3 days?  Join us again!   Only 2 weekends left!

Yours in Historical (and hysterical) Fun,  Kevin

Costumes - Notes from Liz:

Can the summer be almost over already? Where did it go?

With the ending of the summer in sight, please turn your thoughts to returning any costume pieces that you may have borrowed over the past few weeks.  They are due back to me no later than 5:00 pm on Sunday the 26th of August.

As a gentle reminder to those of you that have borrowed items this summer, please consider taking the next few months to purchase your own. If you need help in finding resources please contact me; I will be more than happy to assist.

Enjoy the next 2 weekends.  Thank you for another amazing summer.  I can't wait 'til next year.
~ Liz

Quick "Load-out" Note:

The Eagle Theater and Depot will need to be completely empty of all our gear by end of day Monday August 27th. Plan to stay and help us pack on Sunday night or Monday morning August 26/27.  Thanks! However! If you are performing in the Gold Rush Days Red Barn shows, you MAY leave costume items hanging in the dressing rooms. PLEASE consolidate your things and label them with your name! Thank you!!

Updates:  Gold Rush Days and Union Pacific 150th Birthday

Gold Rush Days this year will feature 3 'shows' by Red Barn Productions, "The Burning Brothel", The Patient Medicine Show, and the "Parades".    The director for the "Brothel" and "Medicine" shows will be Julie St. Germaine, and the "Parades" will be Paula Christensen.   If YOU want to join in the fun please let these ladies know.   The Eagle Theater will NOT be open for performances at Gold Rush Days due to CVB budget decision, but the Greenroom WILL be (back door only).   Lunch will be provided for a limited number of cast members at the Save-Mart BBQ.   The Greenroom will be for water, rest, and dressing rooms only.  Julie and Paula will have a morning meeting there as well!  Stay tuned for more details next week.

Paula Christensen <[email protected]>
Julie St. Germaine <[email protected]>

The Union Pacific Railroad 150th Birthday celebration will be held in the 1849 Scene State Park area from  the old Passenger Station to the Railroad Museum. The dates are Saturday and Sunday September 29 & 30 - hours are from 10 - 5. The museums will be open and FREE along with the event which will feature a large tented stage in the middle and many trains on display in the Yard and Roundhouse. If YOU want to join in the fun, the 3 eras we are depicting will be "Golden Spike" (1862), "Hollywood Heyday" (1920's/30s), and "War Effort" (1940's).  Red Barn will be producing a 25 minute Pageant entitled "Eco's of '62" featuring President Lincoln, the Big 4, WC Fields & Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties, the Andrew Sisters and a host of others. This show will be presented 3 times a day.   All Red Barn Players (this means YOU) are invited to join us in period attire (one of the above) as walk around entertainers AND as extras for the Pageant. The mandatory Rehearsal for the Pageant will be at 8AM on Saturday September 29 in the big tent out front of the Sacramento History Museum/Rail Yard. If you wish to volunteer for this event, please sign up at the desk on the weekend or email Jeffrey so you can be included in the Volunteer lunch. Otherwise, you can just show up and enjoy the festivities in or out of costume.  It is a free public event.

Pageant Director: Gary Grossman <[email protected]>
Casting Director:  Jeffrey Weissman <[email protected]>
Everything else: Kevin Patterson <[email protected]>

Update:  GOLD RUSH DAYS - Burning Brothel and Parades 

Wild ride ahead, fasten your seat belts! Our own HOWARD GOLD is working like crazy to have something very like smoke coming out of his amazing trap door long-johns! PAUL WHEELER will be battling to the comic death for one of our Brothel Beauties while MARY AYE takes aim at JULIE ST. GERMAINE and shoots a cup out of her hand - and that's just the beginning.  Will TODI's monkey magic continue? Will NANCY LONGO truly dance the can-can on a table built by the amazing CARL WEST? Will ANDY be beaten to death with an umbrella?  Can a rubber chicken overcome a sword? Will PAULA and MIMI give the WWF a run for their money? Stay tuned - lots more bits coming!

So here's the news:

  • We're back at Evangeline's with the same Firemen, John & co!  
  • Welcome Peggy Burgi and Julie Kowing as our BB Stage Managers!
  • Paula says the Suffragette Arrest happens all three days - YAY!!!
  • Everyone marches in AT LEAST one parade, even Stage Managers, some do two.
  • Not enough hotel rooms, we are shamelessly begging for local folks to host a few people - if we can lodge six people then our problems are solved.  Hosts can select a guest they know and are comfortable with.
  • Getting paid means committing to all three days, rehearsing on the last weekend of this show, having a BB part and parading as directed.  BB safety requires rehearsal (not to mention show quality!) but if all you want to do is watch, then skip the rehearsal and be our guest!  We will begin signing contracts by the last weekend of TTW; sooner if we can manage it! 
Props/help we need:
  • Antique bird-cage
  • Ugly painting you don't care about
  • Small cushion that looks authentic
  • Metal washtub
  • Bucket or two
  • A few authentic looking blankets
  • Gladstone bag or authentic truck we can drag without too much trouble
  • Rubber chicken
  • Bulb horn - like the one in Lydia Thompson
  • Sponges, big bar of soap, bath brush or two 
  • Help getting the 'bar/table' up to the balcony on the last weekend.  (there is an elevator and we can drive the table close to it.)

More updates to come at Sunday a.m. notes!
~ Julie St. Germaine and Paula Christensen

Fotos by Howard Gold - Excellent & Fantastically Fun

Don't miss the very latest photos taken by our own Howard Gold now on the Red Barn TTW webpage:

If you want copies, please email Howard via: Howard Gold <[email protected]>

Thank you Howard for managing the balance between the 19th and 21st century so seamlessly.   You are amazing!!!

Previous Missives - and signing up for the missive

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. Here's how to find them:
You can also subscribe to the missive list at this link.  Send anyone here who asks about the missive.

Contacts - The RBP directors and how to find them:

  • Gary Grossman <[email protected]> -- Eagle Stage direction, development & management

  • Kimbell Jackson  <[email protected]> -- Commissary cajoler & Greenroom coordinator

  • Liz Martin  <[email protected]> -- Costume coordinator & designer

  • Wells Twombly <[email protected]> -- Victorian Academy, Historical Reenactments, Parades & Peculiarities

  • Jeffrey Weissman  <[email protected]> -- Budget coordination & bookings, Characterization, & Comedy

  • Robert Young  <[email protected]> -- Red Barn Entertainment Department & Street Theater Director


Historically Yours,

Kevin, and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento
[email protected]

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