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2014 Old Sacramento Performer Missives Page

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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2014
~ Red Barn Players Missive #2 ~ April 15

Time Travel Weekends 2014:
Casting, Characters & Flat Out Fun!

In this missive:

What's New - Exciting New Shows and Rallies
Stephen Foster Show - Auditions - Contact Ellen Hoffman
Booking Talent Now - Contact Chase Williams
Characters - People to Be -- What Was Your Name in The States?
Missive List - and Signing Up
Contacts - Directors and How to Find Them

~ Please contact the person listed for each topic. ~

What's New This Season

Once again, our dates this season are:

Eight Performance Weekends:
Orientation/Workshops/Rehearsal weekend: June 28/29
Opening ~ 5th Season of Time Travel Weekends: July 5/6
Final Weekend: August 23/24

New Shows and Old Favorites

The Eagle is back to full capacity and we'll be filling the house for all of our shows there!

The Stephen Foster Show was such a hit last year, we're offering a brand new version and auditions are about to commence (See below). There a new Golden Melodeon, an expanded Shakespeare production, and some of our favorite acts returning with new material.

We'll once again be celebrating the history of the Civil War in Sacramento City: The Heart of The Union in The West.

Back by popular demand: A weekend of celebrating the pre-Gold Rush Sacramento environs with Fiesta de los Californios: The music, dance and games of California's founders.

The Victorian Academy will bring some of our street theater onto the stage and there's plenty of room for you to show off your particular talents.

The street is the place to play! Participate in:

  • The Road Raising Rally
  • Woman Suffrage Rally
  • The Abolition Rally
  • The Settlers' Riot
  • Town Ball
  • ...and much more!

Join us in the streets and on the stages with the history of the day!

Stephen Foster Show ~ Auditions

Singers & Musicians Wanted
for the Stephen Foster Show, a musical show taking place this summer in Ol' Sac, in the historic air-conditioned Eagle Theatre. Opens July 5th & will run weekends all summer. (Dress Rehearsal Weekend is June 28/29.)

AUDITION: Sat. April 26 in El Cerrito (near BART) 1:00-2:30pm, or 2:30-4:00pm.
We're seeking a few more talented performers w great attitudes -Team Players!
Singers - particularly soloists, and strong singers who like to sing harmony.
Musicians - good players with performance experience - we especially want banjo & harmonica. Rehearsals will be in El Cerrito on weekend days TBD in May & June.

Auditions will be fun & painless! For info, send email to [email protected]. After your email is received, I'll send detailed info including your audition song, mp3, lyric sheet, and sheet music if you request it. Perks for cast members include possible modest stipend, parking and hotel accommodation for those who live out of town, and definitely the FUN of being in this show!

We look forward to meeting you!
Ellen Hoffman, Music Director
Julie St. Germaine, Theatrical Director

(Will the Mermaid and Dancing Chickens return this summer? Join the cast & find out!)

Please contact Ellen Hoffman at the email above.

Booking Talent for this Season

We've begun to book talent for this season's Time Travel Weekends. If you're interested in being involved in any way (historic portrayal through acting, improv, singing, dancing, games), now is the time to contact us: Chase Williams - [email protected]

Character ~ Information and Ideas

Here are some helpful hints to consider.

People to Be

Boot Black -Shines shoes; very important in a place with dirt roads & horses.
Cobbler - Repairs shoes; leather soles wear out fast.
Blacksmith - Makes and repairs iron objects.
Tinsmith- Makes and repairs tin products.
Assay Officer - Tests and certifies mineral content in ore.
Farmer - You're in town to buy or sell something.
Sailor - You're fresh off the ship and looking for what you've been missing.
Builder - Sacramento is growing fast and you have work for everybody.
Building Raiser - Sacramento is literally "on the rise"; and you're lifting it.
Engineer - They are raising the grade 22+ feet; you have plenty of work.
Shop Keeper - The river brings goods from everywhere and someone has to sell them.
Doctor - You may not have spent much time in training, but hang out your shingle.
Nanny - Some families are rich and want someone to raise their children.
Seamstress - A very skilled profession that paid well.
Teacher - A very skilled profession that did not pay well.
Cook - Everybody's got to eat; and women's cooking was worth a lot in the early days.
Laundress - A skilled job which required an array of sad irons to do well.
Travel Writer - You are writing tales of adventure in the Far West for Easterners.
Newspaper Reporter - You are hunting for stories about the Rebel Committee of 30.
Miner - You might be on your way to the gold fields or back resupplying in town.
Hydraulicer - You blast away whole hillsides to find gold; & inspire 1st ecological laws.
Vaquero - You work on one of the many ranchos that supply most of the region's beef.
Minister - God's work is done even in the Far West. You may preach on the street corners.
Priest or Rabbi - Many Catholics and Jews were involved in the gold rush.
Soldier - Guarding the mail routes and main roads, you're in town to sleep in a bed.
Restaurant Owner - Lots of people come through here and you feed as many as you can.
Saloon Keeper - Men come down from the mines to relax; you help them.
Salesman/Drummer - In town to resupply your traveling store, with news of the mines.
Land Speculator - You don't play fair, but you make fortune. Hated by Settler's' Association.
Railroader - Surveyor, track layer, cook, black powder blaster; there's plenty to do.
Telegrapher - You get all the news in town first. They all come to you for news of the war.

What Was Your Name in the States?

A word about choosing where you are from.

The only people from California speak Spanish or one of the many Native American languages!

The Gold Rush brought in people, mostly men, from 80 different nations. This was one of the most international places in the Americas.

So, where are you from?

Europeans - Virtually every European nationality was represented. Be careful not to use any of the countries created by the World Wars of the 20th century. A couple of examples: You can be a Czech or a Slovak, but you can't be Czechoslovakian. You can be Jewish, but not Israeli.

American - Most people still identified themselves by state; as a Virginian or a Vermonter rather than as an American. They generally called America "The United States." They all bring different issues with them. Each State had its own accent; be sure you can pull it off before you commit to specific place. Main Regions: The South, New England, and The West (which ended at Texas) and the Kansas and Nebraska territories.

Californio - Descendants of Spanish founders from the Kingdom of New Spain.
Native American - Mostly Pomo and Miwok in this area.
Hawaiian/Kanaka - Some worked for Sutter at his fort.
Australian - Escaped English criminals, some miners.
Chinese - Miners, laborers, herbalists, cooks.
Mexican - Miners from Sonora brought most of the early technology.
Jews - Many became the most important traveling shopkeepers in the mines.
South Americans - Mostly from the west coast; especially the Peruvians, one of the few Latin peoples that came to Mexican Territorial California.

Previous Missives - and Signing Up for the Missives

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. To read past missives, subscribe to the missive list, or change your e-mail address, click this link:

Please send anyone who asks about the missives to the above address.

Contacts - The RBP Directors and how to find them:

Historically Yours,

Robert and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento's Time Travel Weekends
[email protected]

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