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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2014
~ Red Barn Players Missive #7 ~ August 21

Our Closing Weekend!

It's been a triumphant season of
Time Travel Weekends

Great Talent, fabulous shows
and some of our best street theater
A resounding success!

In this missive:
notes for our readers and participants alike, for closing weekend.

One More Weekend - Still time to visit!
Closing - procedure notes to our participants
Thanks - to the wonderful staff and volunteers of:
       California State Parks
       Historic Old Sacramento Foundation
       City of Sacramento
       The Red Barn Players
Previous Missives - And how to sign up
Contacts - How to be in touch

One More Weekend

Just one more weekend of fun. There's still time to come out and enjoy the theater, the street scene, the charming company, and (if you come in costume and join in) a very appetizing meal in the Silver Palace - the midday feast is legendary! There's plenty of opportunity to participate and enjoy Old Town. Come on out!

Closing Notes ~ to participants

We'll be packing up this weekend and we need your help. Costumes and props will be going into cases for transport to Mare Island. The kitchen needs to be packed and prepared, as well. Any assistance you can offer in the Greenroom, moving cases upstairs, and in the Silver Palace on Saturday and Sunday will be greatly appreciated. The Eagle needs to swept and generally spiffed up. This is our preparation for Monday load-out.

Also: The truck will arrive on Monday morning to load from the Eagle Saloon lobby and the Silver Palace. We're looking for a few stalwart folk who can come out for a couple of hours on Monday, around 11:00 A.M., to assist in loading the truck and sending it merrily on its way.

Our sincere thanks in advance!

Many Thanks

Our deepest gratitude and "thank you" goes out to the following gatherings of wonderful people for a smashing season of entertainment and education to a very responsive audience from near and far, including more than 60 nations (and counting), a great many states, and our devoted local visitors!

  • California State Parks

  • Historic Old Sacramento Foundation

  • City of Sacramento

  • with special love to -- The Red Barn Players and many, richly talented visiting ensembles and soloists.

We couldn't do it without you. Glad to be of service!

Until next season... have a joy-filled Autumn and join us at The Great Dickens Christmas Fair!

Previous Missives - and Signing Up for the Missives

Please review previous missives to answer many questions. To read past missives, subscribe to the missive list, or change your e-mail address, click this link:

Please send anyone who asks about the missives to the above address.

Contacts - The RBP Directors and how to find them:

Historically Yours,

Robert and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

For communication regarding this or any HOS missive, contact:
Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento's Time Travel Weekends
[email protected]

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