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Historic Old Sacramento (HOS) 2015
~ Red Barn Players Missive #2 ~ Sept. 4

A Plug for Gold Rush Days
and a "Thank You!"

In this missive:

A Plug for Gold Rush Days
and a Message of Thanks
- from the
Red Barn Productions team.
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Dear Red Barn Players,

Gold Rush Days are this weekend! If you are not already involved, and you simply MUST have your fix of Old Sacramento Living History, step on down to Front Street and join the fun. Julie and her cast will be raisin' some hell, so give 'em "what fur". Hopefully the weather will be pleasant. Heck, you could even take a wagon ride or see the INSIDE of the railroad museum for a change (it's not free this weekend however, as in the past, but is still well worth it - and air conditioned!).

This is about the time we would be wrapping up our Summer together so we are thinking about you and wanted to say, "Hi!". We also want to take this opportunity to say, "Thank you!". Thank you for the many seasons of splendid performances in the heat of the streets and the refreshing cool of the Eagle. Thank you for your creativity and your dedication to the art form we call environmental living history theatre. And thank you for your love and support of one another. Together we built an amazingly diverse, entertaining, and educational show. Together we brought something wonderful into the world and we should all feel very proud of ourselves and each other. Bravo!

Below is a photo of the poster created by our own, our very own, Will Wood aka Uncle Sam. Each year he would help us survey the visitors and determine where they "hail" from. In 2014 as the poster shows, folks came from 29 States, and no less than 63 countries!

Think of all the stories you created for them to tell - back home - in ALL those places!

It is sad that the summer-long program was not funded this season, mostly because it meant that we could not all be together. Our ensemble has become like a family over the past few years. We hope you have had a good Summer nonetheless, and we certainly hope to see you at the Dickens Fair. We should have a secret greeting or something. How about "'eres to the Eagle!" as a toast and salutation when we meet in the streets of London or raise a drink together.

May the rest of your year be happy and safe.

Once again, BRAVO, for all the joy and learning we have created together!

Yours in Merriment,

Kevin, Robert and all the directors at Red Barn Productions.

2014 TTW Poster

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Historically Yours,

Robert and the directors team
at Red Barn Productions

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Robert Young
Missive Maven
Historic Old Sacramento's Time Travel Weekends
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