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Amazing Old Sacramento Photo Galleries!

Photography by Howard Gold

HOS Photos

2014 Photos:

Best of 2014 Time Travel Weekends!

2013 Photos:

Time Travel Weekends 2013 Highlights

"Best of Time Travel Weekends 2010-2012" slide show

2012 Photos:

2012 Finale! Magic Elixirs, Le Ballet Russes, Further Hullaballoos and Yorick! Aug 11-26

Raising the Roads, Suffragettes, and Stage Bonanzas! July 21-Aug 5

Pugilists, Parades & Frontier Stars, July 14-15 Weekend!

Gallery of Amazing Amusements, July 7-8 Weekend!

2011 Photos:

A Cavalcade of Characters Returns to the Streets of Old Sacramento for 2011 Time Travel Days!

2010 Photos:

Heroes, Darling Damsels in Distress, & Villains! Politicians, Patent Medicine Man, and other Purveyors of Pomposity! Founders of Sacramento & Pioneers of the Golden State!

More Heroes, Fiddlers, Darling Damsels in Undress, & Wizards of Ropery!
Audiences agog and laughing lookers-on!

Parasols, Snake Oil, and Herbalism! Road-raising debates and Patriotic Parades!

Founders' Day, Our Women in Action, the Railroad Museum, & Stylin' at the Eagle!

Mountain Men & Pioneer Women! Tarring and feathering and Mississippi Mud!

Tarred & Feathered, & Cast Party!


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